Geneva Broadband takes the confusion out of setting up a wireless computer network.  Our Trusted Home Network is simple to configure and operate.  You just turn it on.  We do the rest.  Best of all we will troubleshoot and maintain your network.  It’s like having your own personal network geek on call whenever you need him.  In addition, you get a feeling of security of knowing our Trusted Home Network’s built in Firewall is protecting you from unsavory Hackers.  The cost is a mere pittance at $40.00 a year.

Family Safe Internet (Add-On)

Get the best out of the Internet without letting in the bad.  The following features can be added to the Trusted Home Network:

  1. BulletFamily Safe Filtering*

  2. BulletInternet Time Blocking*

Want to install a business or home network?  We can do that. Call us at (402) 759-1641

* additional $30.00 per year

The Trusted Home Network


How fast? Speed-of-Light Fast

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